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Reach and Engage Decision Makers. Every Month.

We use a specific mix of organic and paid social media activity that grows your follower base with the right people.

Don't waste budget selling to people who aren't buying now

Leading marketing research from LinkedIn B2B Institute reveals 95% of B2B audiences aren't buying now. 

Unaware, many B2Bs waste budget trying to convert people who aren't buying now. 

For long term growth, focus on capturing existing demand while also influencing future-buyers

This way, when they're ready to buy, you stack the odds in your favour that you'll be remembered and considered first.

Which means more high-intent leads and sales opportunities.

There are FAR MORE future
buyers than buyers now.

By not ignoring your future buyers, you gain...

More conversions

Audience building leads to more high-intent enquiries, which means more conversions.

Revenue increase

You create more selling opportunities from people who want to buy specifically from you.

Win more deals

You become an early participant in the buyer's journey & get seen as the go-to, trusted option.

High awareness

Build more brand awareness than those not growing their audience base.

We help you build a highly targeted audience
that sees you as the go-to option.

Building your audience will help make your sales team more efficient and effective...

Higher intent leads

If you're seen as the go-to option, your sales team will have more high intent leads to work with.

Higher close rates

When people want to buy specifically from you, selling is easier and you close more deals.

Shorter sales cycles

When you're seen as the go-to option, there's more trust and confidence, so deals close faster.

More consideration

When you're familiar, you're remembered at buying times. This means more consideration. 

Be the trusted voice

Trust is currency. We turn brands into category Thought Leaders who are positioned as highly credible.

Less time wasted

Vastly reduce wasted time on low intent leads. Help sales by building an audience of future buyers.

Introducing Audience Engineering...

...our battle-tested method for building highly targeted audiences.

Content-market Fit

We start with a Jobs to be Done analysis to understand your audience's priorities and problems, ensuring highly relevant content.

Strategic Storytelling

Story is leverage. We craft a strategic narrative and compelling point of view that will help you stand out from your competition.

Problem Evangelising:

Evangelise their problems, not your brand. Being seen as the expert in their problem, positions your brand as the expert in the solution.

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Smart Distribution

We devise a structured plan that gets your content consistently in front of your target audience, through a mix of organic and paid campaigns.

Metrics that Matter

Audience building is about identifying the metrics that matter. We regularly report on what moves the needle and optimise for those.

Ditch the PDF Decks

We deliver our strategy and content plans via a custom built Notion dashboard for easy implementation.

Your partner in audience building

Done for you strategy creation service, blended with a flexible range of implementation options.

Done-for-You Strategy:

Via our Audience Engineering process, we craft a comprehensive, highly relevant content strategy, infused with the power of jobs-to-be-done research, strategic storytelling, and problem evangelising. It's a strategy focused on your customers' needs and preferences.

Strategic to Tactical:

We don't stop at strategy. We translate it into a ready-to-implement tactical plan. Expect a stream of content and campaign ideas - all meticulously aligned to your strategy.

Dynamic Dashboard Delivery:

We ditched PDF decks for a dynamic dashboard. All the insights and action points are organised and accessible via your custom Notion dashboard. Collaborate and implement with ease - no strategy gathering dust here!

Flexible Execution Options:

Our partnership extends beyond strategy. Choose the execution path that suits you best - do it yourself, order content from our expert studio, enjoy monthly coaching and troubleshooting calls, or let us manage everything for you.

Building highly targeted audiences. Faster.

Below are some of the results that we are getting for our clients:


Increase in audience growth rate

Faster growing audiences, month on month. Faster growth in brand awareness and audience engagement.


More organic reach

The right audience and content format = more of your target audience seeing your branded work.


Increase in audience quality

It's critical for your success that the RIGHT people are in your audience and get exposed to your content and brand.

"Engagement with our Apricot content on LinkedIn is 30% higher than any other type of article that we post."

Natalie McLeod

Marketing Manager

"Without Apricot, we would quite simply not publish content of the same quality, in the same volume or at the same frequency."

Peter Elgar

Director of Marketing

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